Ready-to-go biometric verification for the internet

Build secure user experiences for your users by adding biometric authentication to any sensible step of your product.

Free your users from the password nightmare

With Perse’s API and SDK you can easily implement biometric authentication in your product

Feature Privacy-first


Perse does not store any data from your users rather then an ID and the feature matrix.

Feature Image Quality Feedback

Image Quality Feedback

Improve biometric capturing with good feedbacks and UX instructions.

Feature Plug-n-Play


Harsle free development experience with no complex setup and a straight forward documentation.

Feature Hardware Agnostic

Hardware Agnostic

Top notch facial recognition model and anti-spoofing patterns makes it possible to use regular webcams and microphones.

See how easy it is


Access Perse’s dashboard, sign up for an API Key


Grab our SDK or use our APIs directly to add face and voice recognition to your website, app or any other program.


Ensure a safe experience for all your users.